Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Greg's Frame, featuring all kinds of moderately boring stuff

This is going to be a bit discombobulated, because I'm leaving for the track in about 10 minutes and I'm going to try to write this entire blog post in that time. Proofreading is for sissies anyway.

You all remember Greg. The big dude who breaks things. I posted about his fork just a few days ago. While the fork featured a lot of new (if not perhaps earth-shattering) features, the frame is, like Dean's, pretty boring (hah! Got in another dig at Dean!)

It's a 29er, it's a singlespeed, and it's got fairly conventional angles and geometry numbers (though the chainstays are on the short side and the head tube is on the long side).

But the kicker is this - the frame is insanely beefy. To whit:
-Supertherm toptube and downtube (32 and 38mm diameters, respectively)
-Beefy Deda s-bend chainstays
-Super burly (heh) 19mm seatstays that I got when Burley Designs stopped making bikes.

For those who don't know, Supertherm is just True Temper's brand name for their OX platinum tubing, drawn thicker for BMX/cargo/stupid bike use. Where most OX platinum tubes have wall thicknesses (at the thick sections) of .7 or .8mm, Supertherm is 1.0 at the thick sections and .7mm in the middle/thin portions - meaning that it's lighter than straightgauge (which is typically .9mm/.035"), as well as a lot stronger.

The bottom line is that the bike is a total tank - it weighs 5.25# (or, well, it will when the sliders are actually bolted in). Then again, there are plenty of much smaller production bikes that aren't at all intended for big people to ride drops that are similar weight. So it's all relative. I'm betting it's not any heavier than Greg's old frame, actually.

Apologies for the crap photos. We had a high of something like negative 6 here yesterday and my motivation to go pose the bike in the snow was pretty darn limited.


Anonymous said...

Walt, as a BBF (Big Beautiful Fella) I want to thank you on behalf our genetic progeny. She appears to be a 29er "BMX/cargo/stupid" frame for the ages. However, the truth will be in the droppings, so to speak.

MIClyde said...

Geez Walt, you seem so mundane about the tubing for my build, now I feel like a big fella too, since my build sheet says 5.18 lbs for frame. Oh wait, I am a big fella. :o(

Chris said...

Hi Five, Walt! (And Greg for waking up to reality.)

A sub-4lb frame is not for everyone. As you know, I'm 5'7, 175, and give my bikes a run for my money. I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure the downtube on my primary hardtail is 1.0/.8/1.0 38mm in diameter . . it's just under 7lbs, and is considered a 14" frame.

And you know what? I've thrashed that frame for 5 years. No cracks, not separations, no disintegrations.

I'd be nice if I didn't have to ride such a heavy frame, but if I was on anything less sturdy, I'd be spending more money in the E.R. Besides, I still have a blast riding it!

So thanks for a) standing up to bat for folks who need strong bikes, and b) for admitting to the over-scrupulous internet world of complainers who might slander your lightweight reputation by telling everyone you make 'heavy' bike frames.

beanfink said...