Wednesday, February 02, 2011


So apparently last night Boulder had it's lowest recorded temperature (edit, for Feb 2nd, I misread the DC article) Minus 17 as of 6am this morning.

Ok, so it was cold.

Here's the nutty thing - as of last Thursday/Friday, it was 68 degrees (edit: I thought this was a record, it is not)

It's weather whiplash out here!


Jon Paul Baker said...

It's the record for the day.

Walt said...

Leave it to the Daily Camera (and my lack of inquisitiveness) to screw that up - thanks for the correction.

Still some wild swings in temperature, though!

Jon Paul Baker said...

Definitely! And still quite cold! Only reason I looked it up was because we had colder than that outside of Chicago, which surprised me.

Mike said...

what does minus mean in this context? are you subtracting the number from room temp or something? surely it does not mean a negative number!

I am said...

I'm blown away by the average highs and lows you get in Boulder. As a Michigan-der thinking of relocating around there it's hard to imagine a winter both that snowy and that warm!