Sunday, October 19, 2014

Quick pic for Colin

The nigh-stupidmobile! Super short stays and offset rear end, should be nimble as heck but maybe still semi-stable at speed. Geometry geek-out tomorrow if I have time.

White background, decent lighting, and I somehow still manage to suck at taking photos...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Random updates from Park City

In no particular order:

-I'll be asking all customers to pay for their parts up front when we have a parts order finalized. I've operated on a handshake-and-trust basis for 11 years but I have someone who has abused that trust (to the tune of almost $9000) and I can't take the risk of that happening again. My apologies. Be prepared to pay for your parts before I order them. Anyone know a good lawyer in CO? :(

Our new table is sick. Now we just need chairs. And friends. 

-Framebuilding classes are full for 2014. I will take reservations for 2015 but no more students this year unless you've already been in contact.

Free performance bamboo socks with a frame helps dull the pain of price increase.

-Frame prices will rise to $1700 on Jan 1st. I'll remind everyone again before then, but if you want to lock in current pricing, you gotta get your order in in the next couple months.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Walt's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day - or your lucky one

Edit: Kevin's having me cut off the front end and re-do it. Probably the smart thing to do, sorry to the folks who expressed interest!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sarah gets fat!

No, no, not really. If anything she has been shrinking. Having a kid will do that.

But I did build her a fatbike in my "spare" time (ie, burning the midnight oil) and it's going to be fun, I hope. We live in a place with a LOT of fatbike opportunities... might as well take advantage!

You could put a Bluto on, but you'd have to accessorize with a DT protector!

Vital stats:
-63.5cm front center/70 HTA/90mm trail
-57cm ETT (curved down for a little extra room when her foot postholes)
-30.5cm/12" BB height
-41.5cm/16.3" (yup) chainstays
-170mm/QR in the rear and 135/QR on the fork
-Clearance for any 4" tire and some 4.5s (115mm of space @345mm from the axle), but not Bud/Lou type stuff
-Single ring only, and max 28t. You pay a price for that short stay/big clearance combo.
-100mm shell/66mm chainline. I intended to do 83mm but we decided she'd be ok on the wider Q factor and went for the shorter stays/more clearance options available with 100mm.
-Frame can take an 80/100mm Bluto, but doesn't have enough clearance for the adjuster knobs (so I'd add some kind of DT protector if Sarah ever wanted to go that route)

In essence, I wanted Sarah to have a fatbike that rode a lot like her XC bike and didn't feel like a big heavy slug on the trails. We won't be riding down frozen riverbeds or through the deep woods off trail (and Sarah doesn't weigh that much, so she'll get plenty of float from 4" tires), so 170mm spacing and all the limitations that come with that are ok. It'll initially be built up with Nates or Knards on some new Hugo rims (if they ever show up!) Should be a blast on the 100+ miles of fatbikeable trails here in PC.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Presented for your entertainment...

A juxtaposition in 3 parts.

Mountain bike.
Sign reading "Missing Remington" made out of an old race number!

My awesome photo skills on display.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Part Deux

Thanks to Tomas for the fotos. I am much more handsome IRL.

Sarah shows how it's done.

Must be super technical, I look gripped.

Big Mtn. Pass

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


My favorite riding season. Of course, I never take any pictures (combo of dumb phone, laziness, and lack of talent) on rides, so you'll have to settle for Mike's.