Thursday, January 20, 2011

In which I rack my brain for something interesting to say

Dean wrote (regarding his new frame) "If you have anything interesting about it to post on your site my kids will get a kick out of it. We’re having the final fight over the logo tonight. My youngest, Cara, is all about the Monocle."

I spent all morning thinking about it (ok, not really, but I did think about it at least once) and unfortunately, I got nothin'.

It doesn't have any direct mounts, tapered anything, through axles (though the Fox fork will that's going on it), s-bendy stays, odd size seatpost, weird sized wheels or clearance for gigantic tires, couplers, rear suspension, or even sliding dropouts.

Dean and his progeny picked the Waltworks team blue, which is probably the most popular color (or a close second to the Johnny Cash black), so not even that is unusual.

The best I can come up with is that there's an extra set of water bottle bosses under the downtube, and that it's got an unusually long head tube, because Dean (shaped almost exactly like me) has huge long legs and will be sitting up really high. It's pretty much exactly what I'd build myself for a long-ride/race hardtail for riding in Colorado.

Oh, and it has a chain hanger.

Is it unique? Of course, every bike I build is. Is is going to set the interwebs ablaze with controversy? No.

The inescapable conclusion, Dean, is that your bike is boring. If you want to be famous on MTBR and/or impress your kids, you'll have to try harder next time.


Anonymous said...

It's unique. There is no other frame out there EXACTLY like it even if it's like a lot of other WaltWorks out there, right?

Brad said...

psst. Dean, I hear Walt is itching for another Twin tube 36er with a 73mm bottom bracket project...

Anonymous said...


But only if it's belt driven, with fender and rack mounts, and is designed for a head-shock fork.


Eszter said...

And it needs to be powder coated white. Walt LOVES white bikes.

Anonymous said...

I actually considered White. I guess that would have put Walt over the edge with boredom. Looking forward to trying out this simple beast. Dean