Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smoking deal...

As some of you know, Edge composites had to change it's name to Enve, because of some sort of European trademark snafu. Actually, that may be irrelevant - I'm not sure that has anything to do with me getting a good deal on a few of their 2010 forks (with the old graphics).

Long story short, I have a few Edge 1.0 and 2.0 forks in stock. Here's the story - you can get one of these fancy forks for cheap, cheap, cheap, if you order a road bike (a complete bike, that is) from me (and don't worry, Steve and Minh, you guys get first dibs). The 1.0s are bare carbon (no logos) and the 2.0s have a low-gloss finish and "Edge" logo (see the pictures).

Any component group you want, any color you want, etc, etc. You pick the parts, I design and build the frame, and you get an Edge 1.0 for $225, or an Edge 2.0 (better for bigger folks, as it's 75g beefier) for $200. I believe they retail for something like $700 and $500, respectively.

The forks are NOT available for individual sale, sorry. Limited (very limited) quantities available, first come first serve (meaning, you gotta have a deposit down to lock one in), blah blah blah. Drop me a line if you have questions.

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