Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dave Bohm in the news

All-around good dude and badass framebuilder Dave Bohm of Bohemian Cycles made the news.

I had no idea that Rep. Giffords is a cyclist (it is semi-implied that she's a mountain biker?) Very cool that someone in DC bike commutes - let's hope she gets to do it many more times in the future.

Edit: Pics of Gabbie's bike here. Thanks for the tip, Margo!


Margo said...

Her bike is really sweet. It's a lugged MTB with a Pacenti crown. I saw it posted on a women's bike forum about a week ago (some NAHBS photos). amazing paint, too. Nice job, and glad she found a local builder to do the work. I hope she rides again, too!

go here to view it (altho I don't if non-registered users can see the photos):

Walt said...

Thanks for the link, Margo! That is a super cool bike!

Jorah said...

She is also an avid motorcyclist.