Thursday, June 11, 2015

135mm Rohloff with 29+ or 26x3.8?

Yes, it's doable. It requires some serious curves, though, if you want s-bends and some decent heel clearance.

Mark plans some very comfy fat-tire touring on rough dirt roads wherever he decides to wander - with plenty of anything cages, bottles (you can mount extra bottles on the seatstays, even!) and fenders. PF30 EBB? Jones fork on the front is going to be the icing on the only-one-like-it cake. 



Anonymous said...

Is that a fender mount on the backside of the BB shell?

Walt said...

Yes - there wasn't much room for a bridge there so we decided that rather than cram in a bridge (and make a terrible mud trap) I'd just put the mount in the BB shell itself.