Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Joe's Geometry Jamboree

By popular (ok, one person) request!

Executive summary: short and semi-slack racey bike for attacking the twisties in TX.

New bandsaw says, "I am not impressed"

-69.5 HTA and 90mm trail, designed for a Niner carbon rigid fork or 80-100mm travel suspension
-60.5cm ETT, 66.9cm front center, 107.8cm wheelbase. 
-42cm chainstays, plenty of room for a 2.3 and a 34t oval chainring (lotsa runout on those bad boys - I had to have Joe send me the crank and ring to double check clearances)
-295mm BB height. Just a smidge on the low side if you were running suspension but with a rigid fork you can go a hair lower and Joe likes low.
-Curved seat tube for tire clearance. Joe took it easy on me and let me use straight tubes for the rest of the front end. 
-Built for a nice normal 27.2 post and using nice skinny-ish 35mm/28.6mm down and toptubes for a steel-is-real ride with a little give. Joe is not a huge dude either, so fat tubes were never on the radar.
-Paragon rockers for SS fun if needed, plus chainstay length adjustability.

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Rob said...

Thanks for the post Walt! Pretty close to my ideal frame build!