Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dust it off...

Don't call it a comeback, I've been in the basement for years.
Pulled Sarah's first (ok, only... she's a hardtail gal) FS frame out of the basement today to get it ready for a trip to NM in May (these FS frames are great for travel because you can unbolt the whole rear end and pack them up in an S&S case super easily). First time it's been out in... maybe 6 or 7 years?

Funny to look at it now - no tapered steerer, no through axle, front derailleur mount (this was one of the first direct-mount front derailleur frames on earth, I think), 27.2 non-dropper seatpost... things have certainly moved on.

But in many ways it was ahead of it's time. 69 degree HTA (now sort of the norm for XC bikes), 43cm chainstays. The geometry is still totally appropriate for all-around XC. It'll be fun to see what Sarah thinks of it after all these years.

And by "fun" I mean that Sarah will probably hate the fact that the rear suspension functions at all and have me pump the shock up to 300psi. Sigh.

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Kate Rowan said...

HAHA. This makes me miss you two.