Sunday, April 20, 2014


I met this dude Chuck recently, and inexplicably he decided he'd do a nice writeup about me on his blog.

He's a bike nerd, he makes neat custom stuff to order in Park City and hangs out with his kids, rides bikes, and drinks beer. Sorta like me.

So naturally I hate the bastard. Lucky jerk works from his home and lives in a mountain town. Especially since he's multi-talented and can actually work with more than one material - he builds awesome furniture from wood *and* metal. Some of you have seen my pathetic attempts at working with wood. Or plastic. Or, well, anything that isn't a bicycle. I'm ok with canes, I guess.

Anyway, check his stuff out. If you're a PC person and you need something awesome made out of wood, made by an overeducated weirdo who isn't too stuck up to drink PBR, Chuck is probably your guy. He and I are already working on a mutually beneficial trade. 

Modern American Design

Unlike most of my stuff, this is not covered with 2 year old excretions.

Probably too nice for my shabby house. 
Bike content!

Murphy Bed!

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