Sunday, July 31, 2011

Waltworks Medical Devices, LLC

My good friend Jake + BMX handlebar + Surgery + Phillies game on Monday = time to make a crutch!

Yes, Jake crashed (in the PUMPTRACK!) and attempted to disembowel himself with his handlebar on Thursday. We all freaked out, but Jake is basically fine after some surgery. Recovery is going to take a while, though, and he's not really supposed to walk long distances. And there is a Phillies game against the Rockies tomorrow night...

Solution? Sarah and Jake designed and I built Jake a custom cane using part of an old crutch, some 1"x.035 tubing, and half a roll of orphan bar tape. Boom! Game on!

We also did some surgery of our own - on the Colorado trail near Kenosha pass, and diverted a stream that was running down the trail. All in all, a very productive (and fun, if you're a huge dork) weekend.

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Joe "Mutton" Soccoccio, Yo! said...

Look at those SEXY legs!!