Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hookey Pt. 2 Elk

It seems that whenever someone leaves town for a long period of time, the sendoff ride is 2 Elk in Vail. Rusty will be stuck in Houston with nary a mountain in sight for the next couple of years, so we rode a 5 hour loop that finished with the epic and awesome 2 Elk descent to Minturn.

So yes, I did basically no work yesterday. Bros before bikes, yo!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous shots. Now, if I could only convince my wife that the winters aren't THAT cold there. :p

Houston eh? That's some serious flatlander territory. Send him my way to Austin. About three hours away and some of the best riding in the state.

Some trail reviews he may be interested in seeing.

James in Austin

Jesus_Castro said...

Hi Walt,

Thanks for the great ride! Always great to do big rides with you.
-Hey James, I'll take you up on a ride in Austin once we get settled.