Thursday, July 22, 2010

HTFU, or Two Elk Ate My Homework

A sendoff for Mr. Chris Jung in the mountains. The ride started right with pouring rain and a visit to some random shop in Frisco for the Lat40 map (none of us had done it). We opened a map to see if the trail was shown, and *immediately* the clerk ran over to ask "are you going to buy that?"

Then, when he heard we were riding 2 Elk, his response was "I hope you don't get hurt".


29 miles, 3k feet up and down, and a blast. Have fun in AK, Jung!


Hassan, aka The Secret Fat Man said...

That snazzy yellow jersey really shows off your cleavage. It works especially well with that khaki skirt. And I always thought that your fashion sense was a bit off. Boy was I wrong!

Anonymous said...

Just think if you had said something like:
"Oh, and I built my bike"

He probably would have called Search and Rescue preemptively ;)

Walt said...

"I built my bike in my garage out of steel tubing that was just sitting around."

Perfect, since it's all true. We were thinking of telling the guy that we were from Nebraska and had rented "those bikes with the handlebars that droop down, but we flipped them over so we can sit up more. Is two elk as fun as the Breck bike path?"

T-roy said...

Two Elk is one of my favorite rides in CO. Good times! Been riding in pisgah all week and the new bike kicks ass. Even survived 2 crazy monsoons with killer lightning. Got a few crappy cell phone pics I'll send once I get back to Disgusta.