Friday, July 23, 2010

Minh's bike

Just a few nice bike pictures on a mellow Friday morning (yes, I went to yoga and now I'm so relaxed I just want to go back to sleep). Not much to say about this - it's non suspension corrected 'cause Minh's hardcore like that. Blue. Good stuff.


Manicmtbr said...

Nice rig. My next Waltworks will be done in Waltworks blue like this one.

Dave said...

That is awesome. Looks great, and I like the non-corrected factor. I will indeed treat myself to a WW custom one day.

What sort of accommodations do you make with a non-corrected frame? Longer HT?

Walt said...

Dave -

In this case, it's mostly just a longer headtube. The rake/headtube/trail numbers (which I don't remember precisely off the top of my head) are pretty close to a "normal" 29er frame/suspension fork combo.

In some cases I'll do weird stuff with rake/trail on non-suspension frames to get the front wheel where I want it. In this case, that happened to be pretty close to the standard (ie 45 rake/80ish trail) numbers.


Dan O said...

Super nice bike. That blue looks fantastic.