Friday, January 24, 2014

Moving sale part 1

We've still got 6 weeks or so before the move to Park City but I am working to clear out junk.

Without further ado:

-Notubes ZTR Arch EX 32 hole black 29er rim. Brand new. $50

-Notubes ZTR Crest 32 hole black 29er rim. New. $50. Buy both rims (crest goes on the front, it's a great system) and I'll ship 'em free.

-King purple SRAM mountain BB, brand new. $95.

-Easton EC90 zero offset 27.2 x 300mm seatpost. Never used, still in the package. $90.

-HSBENDCS1 chainstays from True Temper. Super light, super nice bend - just too light for me to be comfortable using for my hard-on-equipment customers. $25/pair.

-HOXPLATHT3 head tubes. 36mm OD, 1mm wall, for 1 1/8 steerers. FOR PROS ONLY. These bad boys will distort like crazy if you do not bring your A game and they are very, very hard to ream even minimally. $5/head tube (200mm length). I have a zillion.

-Avid Elixir 5 brakes. Front needs a bleed, otherwise functional. No rotors. Someone please take these away. $30 for the set.

-HOXPLAT09 downtubes. 690x35mm. Super swanky. $20 each or $15 each if you buy them all (I think I have about 15), I never use them anymore and I should never have bought a full box back in the day.

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steve garro said...

I'm glad you are moving before the air kills you all!