Saturday, January 25, 2014

Random Pictures: Martha's Gravel Grinder in Progress

Presented in no particular order with almost no commentary! Pimpin' might not be easy but blogging surely is.

Mitered BB cluster

Thanks to Meriwether for the jeweler's saw recommendation!

Silver brazing in the seat sleeve

BB/ST joint, cleaned and prepped to weld in the downtube

Front end welded up

BB cluster welded up


Dave said...

Do your design/engineering considerations change because it's a gravel grinder as opposed to a roadie or MTB?

Walt said...

Dave -

Short answer: yes.
Another short answer: Gravel Grinders are basically cyclocross bikes with bottle cages.
Slightly longer answer: Compared to a road bike: slacker head tube, longer chainstays and more tire clearance, often different braking systems (this bike will be disc specific), sometimes more load-carrying brazeons for racks/fenders/etc.

Fit-wise, it's pretty much a road bike, though.

Anonymous said...

Do you put a lower BB on a gravel bike vs a cross bike? Does it really matter?

Walt said...

Depends on the cranks, tires, rider preference... blah blah blah. Usually yes, gravel bikes will run a bit lower since they're less likely to be pedaled through corners with lots of lean angle. But we're only talking 5mm or something.

BB height is a very personal thing so it really depends mostly on the rider, though.