Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Time flies...

...when you don't have a 2 year old making you put on and take off your hat every 10 seconds. Almost done with Carey's frame this evening (I'm paranoid and am waiting on his cranks and chainring before welding in the chainstays, even though I'm 99% sure everything is where it needs to be - when you do this job long enough, you get pretty dubious about manufacturer specs online!) But she's an hour or two away from done once those are here.

Edit: As an aside, check out the photo gallery (shot within a mile of our current house) of the pollution in SLC.

Don gets mad every time he sees how beat my Anvil fixtures are.

Room for 120mm tires but with 170mm spacing, Carey will be stuck with a bit smaller due to chain clearance.


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Jim Roberts said...

Hi Watl;

That is some gourmet Air Pollution, and I should know, I'm a professional. I am down here in the Uintah Basin looking at Utah' other gourmet air pollution problem. Good to see that you are still making sparks.

All the Best;


aka padre de Omar y Nomar