Saturday, November 23, 2013

Geekery 2: Cody

As promised, geometry info on Cody's frame. Along with a pic - blinding white!

-71 degree HTA and 81mm trail/63.2cm front center. XC all the way!
-42.5cm chainstays and 31cm BB height. 
-Paragon Poly's for 140mm rotor, built for an 80mm travel tapered steerer fork.
-Plenty of room for a 2.4 tire, s-bendiness, and downtube routed 1x cables/hoses. 

The bottom line: Cody sold out and wants gears and suspension so he can race with the other spandexy people instead of the singlespeeders. He didn't want to go crazy with the chainstay length or super slack or anything else trendy - just something similar to his singlespeed with a few tweaks for STRAVA'ing, or even real racing, not that anyone does that anymore. You could get on this bike out of your time machine from the mid-90s and be comfortable riding it - though you'd probably be blown away by the big wheels, disc brakes, and suspension. 


Anonymous said...

Good luck trying to dump the singlespeed. It does not matter how many times I try, or how sweet the geared parts are, I am always back to what I know best, the SS drivetrain.

Mike. said...

That RD hanger doesn't look replaceable, is it part of the dropout?

Also, why not paint the dropouts to go with the frame?

Just curious...

Walt said...

The entire insert is replaceable - and the dropout is stainless (and requires a tight fit with the insert) so it can't be painted.