Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Promised Geekery 1: Peter

Last week I claimed I would be posting geometry info for Cody and Peter's frames. Then everyone got sick and I never got around to it. Whoops.

Front end

So here you go, post #1: Peter's aggro XC/FR 29" dualie.

-120mm rear travel (though my FS bikes actually get a little more than advertised if you really managed to hit something hard - so it's really more like 130mm) and built around a 140/110mm travel taper/15mm Fox Talas in the front.
-68 degree HTA and 94mm trail in long travel mode, around 69.5 degrees and 84mm in 110mm setting.
-43cm chainstays, 69cm front center, 35cm/13.75" BB height unsprung.
-Built for a 31.6mm stealth (there's a little port in the bottom of the seat tube) dropper post.
-61cm/24" effective toptube for those folks who like to know. Effective 73 degree STA.
-Frame with shock is around 7 pounds, it's fairly overbuilt.

Clean frame, messy shop

In short, this is a do-it-all bike. It won't win any XC races, it won't win any DH races, but flip the talas switch and swap tires out and you've got a pretty capable bike on almost any terrain. I'm also in the process of working with Peter on a new chainstay assembly (the very kludgy prototype can be seen here) which will incorporate all sorts of fun features like a rear through axle and post mount brake mounting. More on that as it develops.


Giff said...

That looks good Walt!

Quick question. What dictates whether you cut/weld the seat tube or whether you bend it? Is is a seat placement issue or more driven by customer preference?

Eric N. said...

It is a clearance thing. My FS frame with short Chain-stays and 140mm+ plus travel would not work with a curved seat-tube.