Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sneak peak... Gal's 29+

Everything that can go wrong with assembling this bike has - spent almost an hour dealing with swapping the front axle after WI sent the wrong one, need to true up the rear wheel after some shipping tweakage, and I'm inexplicably (ok, explicably: distributor screwed up) missing one brake rotor. Ugh.

But it's gonna be wicked fun and I have permission to ride it around the block before I take it back apart and put it in a suitcase.


Feldy said...

Cool color scheme with theme fork "crown"

And you should probably at least put a front tire on before the test ride. Just sayin'. Not trying to tell you how to run yer biz.

Anonymous said...

Walt that bike is saweeeeet!! Great color combo!!


Anonymous said...
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