Thursday, August 02, 2012

The last one...

Celeste's teeny tiny full suspension 29er is officially the last frame built here in Colorado, and the last built using our sweet solar array to run the TIG machine. No more solar power in SLC, unfortunately - the new house is not well situated for it, nor is UT as friendly to solar in general.

So enjoy, Celeste!

Geometry rundown for the bored folks:
-70 degree headtube/73 degree seat tube
-63.4cm front center and 58cm/22.8" effective toptube
-44cm actual/43.5 effective chainstay length
-100mm travel front and rear, built for a tapered steerer fork
-28" (yes, less than the wheels) standover
-13.5" unsprung BB height

Celeste has short legs but a long torso and arms, so she is almost the perfect candidate for a 29er, for someone her size (I'll be polite and just say she's "petite"). Built for all-around shredding and XC racing here in CO - racing that I'll no longer be doing, since we're off to Utah in 5 (gulp!) days.


Garage Builders said...

That's a great looking frame. I hope she enjoys it. Good luck on the move. I hope it is a positive endeavor for you.

Garage Builders said...

Great frame! I hope she enjoys it. Hopefully this move is a positive thing for you. Good Luck!

Alex Clayden said...

Celeste is going to love the frame! It is a beauty for sure. Thanks Walt and good luck with the move.