Friday, August 03, 2012


For folks who need to correspond with me:

-I'll still be answering my phone, but I may not may not have time to talk in gory detail with you for a couple of weeks. Feel free to call and say hello if you're thinking about getting a frame or want some quick answers to questions. Don't plan on bending my ear for 2 hours, though.

-If you need to mail a package to me, hold off until at least August 15th, and send it to:
Waltworks LLC
148 South 1200 East
Salt Lake City, UT, 84102

Letters/correspondence can be sent anytime, I just don't want any packages to get lost in the moving shuffle/chaos.

-Email is your best way to contact me for the next couple of weeks but don't expect super fast responses.

-I am not ordering any parts or building/repairing anything until we're set up in Salt Lake, which will be August 20th at the absolute earliest. You've been warned!


Seth said...

Looking forward to having you in SLC!

Seth said...
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