Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Irrelevance: Sign a petition for beer and food

I have been friends with the Avery guys for many years, and they are looking to open a restaurant/brewery in Gunbarrel (farther from my house; boo!)


Hi everybody,

Please help support the cause, and sign our online petition and letter to Boulder City Council. Go to...

Please email the link to as many of your Colorado friends as possible. Signing the petition will increase our support numbers, and automatically send a letter to City Council.


Joe Osborne
Marketing Director
Avery Brewing Company

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Dave S said...

Hope this works out for Avery's, thanks for sharing Walt. I just signed the petition as the 2012 Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol director, Avery's has been a big supporter of ours for a long time. I'll forward to our patrollers as well, this should generate some additional support.

The BMBP loves Avery's!