Friday, November 18, 2011

Waltworks CFITT 2011 - Race non-report

From Luis:

DNF! Race went well though, and I felt surprisingly good after being sick the week before. Got tons of stories but they're best told around a campfire.

At around 12:30am Sunday after the most hellacious hiking trail poach EVER (think: 2 pedal strokes - huge log 2ft off the ground - lift heavy ass bike - repeat every 25 feet for 5 miles) I reached some nicely groomed trail. I was JRA when CRUNCH, looked down and the rear der. was completely wrapped around the cassette, slider bent, cracked and deformed.

I considered my options, rigged up the bike as a SS with a droopy chain and continued on until I reached the next point where we were supposed to pick up the Florida Trail. The GPX was screwed up in this area and I rode in circles around a hunter campground for about 20 minutes until I heard someone racking their pistol. At that point I decided it was best to ride out some forest roads to US19 and call for extraction.

As I laid inside my sleeping bag waiting for my wife, shivering, it suddenly hit me "YOU HAVE SLIDERS DUMBASS". WTF I could've tightened my chain and continued on the 20 or so miles of trail I had to go to the end, I'm a sser after all. MEH, my brain wasn't working right.

Ended up with 161 miles on the GPS, not a bad day at the office I reckon. next year the camping gear stays home (and I won't make that silly mistake again). BTW riding the trails and forest roads in the Ocala National Forest at night solo is real spooky. David Muse (of TNGA fame) had a nice run in with some good ole boys...

No real pics of scenery but I attached a few.

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