Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I'm baaaack...

Rested and refreshed, ready to do some work.

Random thoughts about the trip:
-Bend is like Boulder without as many people. Which is nice, because it means you can share the trails and not get in constant yelling matches about who has the right of way.
-The only trail worth riding down at Phil's is Ben's. All of the others get boring.
-Mrazek is better to climb than descend.
-It is not safe to ride full speed up Kent's on a weekday after 5pm. And I managed to cover almost 23 miles in 1.5 hours out there... crazy.
-Flagline and South Fork are freaking awesome.
-Having access to an air compressor is really nice when you want to set up your tubeless tires on your travel bike.
-Parilla Grill is in an ideal spot to serve hungry bike riders.
-Master's road nationals is a ridiculous parade of blinged-out road bikes.
-Jumping in the Deschutes after a long ride is freaking heaven.
-Smith Rock inspires me to get my harness back out and sport climb.

Picture courtesy of Brian at Chris King. Thanks man!

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Dave S said...

Nice pic Walt, and welcome back. I wish my wife rode. And hey, tighten those helmet straps, you two!