Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why Waltworks is like the Celtics

Check out this article by everyone's favorite/least favorite geek, Malcolm Gladwell, about owning an NBA team.

Now think about the "psychic value" of being a framebuilder... the money is a lot less, but in some ways, it's the same story for a lot of folks - loving bikes means they'll do it practically for free.

Just thought that was interesting. See y'all in 10 days or so!

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Ryan said...

The basic point about some businesses (NBA franchises, framebuilding, restaurateur) having psychic value was true, maybe even bafflingly obvious (and failed to account for how many sports franchises, even in the NBA, are purchased and run substantially as businesses, and in many cases wildly lucrative ones). The trivia about the NFL organization being a non-profit was interesting. But I don't think he explained the NBA lockout even a little bit.

If he had merely said "pro sports are part of the entertainment industry, with all that entails," he could have saved some words.

Have a good vacation!