Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little help - anyone got a front Maverick wheel I can borrow?

I need one to check alignment on a fork, but inexplicably, none of my Boulder friends has such a thing. So if you've got a front Maverick wheel (24mm axle) that you don't need for a day or two, drop me a line. I will come get it (assuming you're in Boulder) and bring it back, and I won't hurt it. And I'll compensate you somehow (beer? cheap bike parts?)

The wheel can be beat up/out of true, not a big deal. I'll take anything. Don't care if there's a tire mounted or not, likewise don't care if there's a disc on it.

Got one? Drop me a line.

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Dave S said...

I mentioned this to my Maverick riding friend, John P. - I think he hooked you up on Friday?