Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Surprise random recipe post! Olive and Parsley Pesto

It's been too long.

No, seriously. Too long since the last recipe.

And the one I made tonight was quite good, quite good.

For the pesto, blend/process the following:
-6 oz of green olives
-1 c of grated romano (or parm) cheese
-1/3c olive oil
-1 tbsp vinegar
-1/2c sliced almonds
-1/2c parsley
-2 tbsp water
-As much garlic (I used 4 big cloves) as you can handle
-Some ground black pepper to taste

Super duper easy. If it's too thick, add some more olive oil. Too thin? Add some more almonds. Serve over pasta (if you're a normal person), quinoa (if you're Hassan and/or a communist), or whatever else you'd normally eat pesto on.


MIClyde said...

'bout fricking time. thanks!

Hassan^2 said...

It's nice to not be called a commy for once.