Monday, June 21, 2010

Words of Wisdom - from Miguel

So I feel bad about my whining on Friday, especially after this email from Miguel:


you should enjoy the World Cup! Don't root for the US! you should root for upstart Chile, back after a 12 year layoff winning its first game in 40 years. You can root for all of the underdogs that have put in this year, even New Zealand tied Italy. Dont worry about the bad calls, this is passion at its best - even Brazil had a double yellow that was a poor call against one of its best players. Go protest in the streets like they would in Chile when a bad call takes place, take off work, blow your horn! Remember that this is all part of the song and dance - thats why win or lose they will carnaval in Sao Paulo.. Chile where there are hundreds of thousands homeless from the earthquake are in full fiesta mode. and you amigo should feel the same - forget the medal count that they shove down your throat during every olympics, forget always being the best: the US had the best comeback of this world cup and that is something to truly celebrate.

Well said, my friend. If I could take back my whining, I would. People whose homes fell apart in Chile's earthquake are partying in the streets, and I'm whining about a bad call - time for some perspective. Go Chile!

Later this week: a post about bikes! And just for being so patient with me, here's a bike picture stolen from Millertime.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it could be worse. You could be French!
I wouldnt want to be supporting them given the atmos in their locker room.