Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm not watching any more of the World Cup. I'm no truck-driving Sean Hannity fan America #1 kinda guy, but the minute 86 goal was a goal. No question whatsoever. We wuz robbed.

The constant blown calls (and I'm certainly not alluding to some kind of conspiracy, the refs have blown calls both for and against teams I like) and FIFA's idiotic explanation that the "human element" makes the sport more exciting (yeah, incompetence is always exciting...) have soured me on futbol, at least this year. No more for me. Maybe in 2014 I'll give them another chance.


Anonymous said...

No kidding! After seeing about 50 replays, there were fouls on Slovakia's part as well. Like many commentators said, unless it's obvious, let them play. WAY too much ref involvement in all the games so far.

That said, the US defense should wake the h3ll up in the first half for a change. Might do the team a bit of good.

Walt said...

Anon -

Agreed, the US played like ass in the first half.

That said, if I were a Slovenia fan, I'd be pissed too - now nobody will take their (legitimately rad) accomplishments as seriously in this tournament - they got handed a gift by the refs and to some extent that's what people will remember. Bummer.

That said, go USA, but also, go Dragons! A super entertaining match, bad calls notwithstanding.