Sunday, March 14, 2010

Andy's new ride

Not much to say - nice 4" travel all-rounder with direct mount FD (the bomb, now standard on pretty much everything I build unless you want a clamp-on for some reason) and all the trimmings. Thanks, Andy, for being so patient (there was a snafu when I ordered the wrong length shock and he waited an extra couple of weeks).

For the record, most of the trails here are still not dry. Andy claims to have ridden on dirt (not mud, not slush) to take this photo, I'm not sure I believe him, as I hiked Shanahan and the Mesa trail yesterday and it was a total slopfest.


Mike said...

is that one of those fancy Ti seatposts? nice looking ride. how come all these skinny guys (lynch) have thru axlw forks, and I (beefcake) have a piddly skewer?

Luis G. said...

That's an Eriksen post... pretty much a requirement on such a sweet bike. Looks awesome!

Walt said...

Dude, it's cause they weren't selling the TA forks yet when you got yours. Least not to little fish like me!

If you want to go TA, let me know, I'll hook you up with a fork at cost. Still gonna need a front wheel, though.

Luis, I think the post was intended for a different bike, but that project fell through, and Andy (justifiably) thought it was too nice to just sit and gather dust.