Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One of the worst photos yet, and what's coming soon

First, for long-suffering Gary, here's a quick and godawful shot of your fluxy frame and fork about to be delivered to the powdercoater. This is a do-it-all 29er with fender/rack/rohloff/kitchen sink capabilities, which is why it's *covered* with brazeons, bosses, and flux. Must be half a pound of brazeons on that darn thing!

Anyway, the blog has sucked for the last week or so, but I have a couple of good excuses (one, that I was really sick, and two... well, you'll have to wait a bit to find out). But there is cool stuff coming, trust me - to whit:

-I'm starting work (and will do some fairly extensive documenting of it here) tomorrow on Tony's freeride-esque 29er. Big deal, you say... well, it'll have a 4" travel Joplin adjustable height seatpost, a tapering steerer fork/headset/headtube for ultra-stiffness (not to mention the 45mm downtube), an 83mm BB shell, and lots of other odd goodies. Should be a worthwhile project for you geeks to check out during the building process, as well as a great ride when it's done.

-I'll be doing a cool semi-lugged crown through axle rigid fork for Adrian (every time I type that, I want to half-close my eyes and shout "Adrian" in a thick Philly accent...) in New England, which should be pretty neat. I'll try to get photos of that up as well.

-I will attempt to break my smoking-fast 1:27 Kilo record. Probably on Friday when it starts snowing again and our dreams of riding singletrack in the next 2 months are crushed yet again under the jackboots of old man Winter.

-I'll probably post a recipe to make Carolynn happy and piss off every other reader of the blog. :P


Anonymous said...

And if Carolynn's happy, Hassan's happy.

Eszter said...

Recipe! Recipe! Recipe!


Rusty said...

I like recipes too!

and book reviews!

and 44mm ID head tubes!

cornfed said...

that frame come with rack and pinion steering?

Kidding, do it all frames rule.

Anonymous said...

Recipes are bomber.

Reid said...

Dude! Every time you post a photo, you complain how it sucks. This can be fixed, easily. There are two possibilities:

1. Stop using flash - take photos in good light (indirect sunlight is best).
2. Or, get a decent off-camera flash and bounce it off the ceiling, wall, etc.

If you have room, a great big white sheet set up as a backdrop would help too.

Next time I'm in Boulder, I'd be happy to help you set up a decent photo plan.

p.s. IMO this one is pretty reasonable.

Walt said...

Reid -

Thanks for the tips. I will take you up on that next time you're here.

Carolynn said...

That, and anticipating the news, will keep me reading I guess. :) Good luck w/ the record! ps Hassan likes your new tire