Thursday, March 11, 2010

From Redcoat

Stole this picture from his blog as it pretty accurately depicts what conditions are like here - mud, slush, and more mud. For the last 3 months. Yuck! No wonder the track seems so fun...

Sarah has joined me on the sick list, so I'm taking care of her, trying to drink a lot of tea for my own sore throat, and doing a bit of work. Which is, long story short, just a list of excuses for why I'm working so slow this week.


Ed said...

I've seen some whining about riding conditions in here and quite ain't been THAT bad. I've had some good paved and dirt road rides this winter.

Hope you guys get better soon!


Hassan said...

I see no mud, nor slush in that picture. Also, I very much doubt that the rider even has road slop all over his face.

As for the health... Oramune Colostrum. That and Kale smoothies.

Jonathan said...

That pretty much sums up the scene in Pittsburgh. It's gonna be riding cross bikes on the road for another month or so. We have the added pleasure of crater-size potholes to deal with, too.