Friday, June 05, 2009


A couple semi-useful photos for those of you who have a custom WW full suspension bike. They fit quite nicely in an S&S case for travel purposes:
-Take all the air out of the positive chamber of your fork and bottom it out.
-Remove rear triangle (you'll need a 10mm allen) and dismount shock from lower mount.
-Slam all that stuff in there. Might want to remove derailleur hanger, too.
-Avoid those d*&% airline fees.

This is how I do it (hopefully you can tell what's going on).

In other news, finally found an elevation profile for the Pickett's Charge race. 700 feet total elevation gain per lap! Pretty sweet, except that it's a 17 mile lap... not exactly a climber's course. C'est la vie, I'll be at the back fighting to hold onto my dignity, probably.

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Luis G. said...

You need a new saddle...