Sunday, June 07, 2009

45-second vacation post

-Bend is awesome.
-I sucked quite badly at Pickett's Charge (word to the wise, there is a reason everyone sprints the first 3 miles of fire road - it's the only place to pass on the ENTIRE COURSE).
-Sarah won $75 by getting 3rd in pro women!
-I love how my FS 29er rides, but good god is it heavy and slow.
-Mid-pack expert/semipro riders (my companions) can't handle their bikes to save their lives. It was like a cyclocross race out there.

Tomorrow, bouldering!

Edit: Here we are looking classy at TJ's graduation.


seanrunnette said...

Bouldering is the climbing equivalent of a trackstand. Rope Up!

marc said...

HA, bouldering is like climbing concentrate in a can. Still, ditto...rope up man! Bend!!!! Its not quite too hot for Smith......

js said...

Roped climbing requires way too many bags of Skittles and bottles of off-brand soda. Plus, no self-respecting 'roped' climber would be caught dead at Smith without the proper attire. I highly doubt that you still have the blue, ankle biter sweatpants and non-matching tube socks.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you finish Pickett's?