Friday, June 05, 2009

Weird fork project pics and goodbye!

Spent a few hours doing this extremely odd (132mm threaded 1" steerer, 407mm axle-crown, disc specific) fork yesterday. Since threaded steerers are few and far between these days (I have a stockpile for this kind of project that I purchased NOS from True Temper) I had to custom make a sleeve/crown race to fit the non-butted section of steerer tube (mine are too long for this particular bike).

Turned down some .058"x1.125" 4130 on the lathe, welded on a ring, and presto...done. One super weird fork, off to the powdercoater.

I enjoy weird jobs like this one, because it lets me be a little bit creative and solve some interesting problems. I also feel good knowing that it's really something that you can't get anywhere else. It'll hopefully be ready to ship out to Marc when I get back from Bend.

Speaking of Bend, for those who don't know, I'll be out of town from June 6th (tomorrow) through 13th. I will have my phone and may check email once or twice, but I'm on vacation - don't expect quick replies (or necessarily any reply, until I'm back in Boulder). If you live around Bend and are interested in riding, please feel free to call (my number is listed on the main WW website).

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