Saturday, May 30, 2009

Buffalo Creek-Nowhere '09

Read that like Paris-Nice and you'll start to figure out what happened.

Got signed up for the Burn offroad timetrial, got psyched up, drove down with Sarah and Fuentes, and got to the start house pumped up to ride a fast time.

Then fate, in the form of a missing marshal, intervened. At the very first turn, a y-junction in the road circling the lake, the course marshal was MIA. There was a cone placed strategically in the exact middle of the intersection, signifying nothing that I could comprehend, so I continued straight.

Big mistake. But fortunately, I wasn't alone - starting up the first big climb of the day (wait, the course was supposed to start out with a *descent*....) I spotted 2 riders a ways ahead. I felt great, and almost caught them, lost them on a mile-long fire road descent (spinning out like crazy), and then finally made the catch on the next climbing section. Best of all - one of them was Colby, who is a very strong climber. I was having a great day, making up time on my rivals! Er, or not...

As a side note, "Forgot about Dre" is a great song to have stuck in your head when you're anaerobic and chasing someone up a huge climb to nowhere.

Given that we could see at least 5 minutes up the road, and nobody was in sight, we quickly established that we were, in fact, nowhere near the course. In fact, if anything, we were making a beeline for Colorado Springs. Doh.

Flipped it, headed back, and cheered on the racers. The Team Evergreen boys were kind enough to refund Sarah's entry fee to make up for the snafu.

Fuentes, for those who are interested, won by over 4 minutes. Yeah, he killed 'em. Sarah was third in women's open, not bad at all! She won a cowbell, too!

I'll post a picture of Fuentes' prize when he emails it to me. It's pretty sweet.


Cycling Phun said...

HAHA! Nice! What is that, $50 in two's? A+ for originality.

fomenter said... boats, no snow-mobiles, and no skis.