Monday, June 01, 2009

Just a moment too late...

Some of y'all may remember be bemoaning the fact that no appropriate downtube for a 300 pound rider on a 29er exists (well, no butted ones, anyway) just a few weeks ago while building a frame for Derek (see "Big in Japan" in the archive).

Then yesterday Ben at TrueTemper sent me the new 09/10 price list/spec sheet.

Remember how I said the Supertherm DT was perfect, but not long enough? Looks like they were spying on me, because there are a couple really nice new 29er downtube options for big/abusive riders:
MXST-DT02 Round Main Tube 34.8 735 1.00 0.70
BMXST-DT03 Round Main Tube 38.1 750 1.00 0.70

For those who aren't on top of the TT spec info: first number is diameter, second number is the length (these used to be a nigh-useless 585mm long) and the last two numbers are the butting - 1.0mm at the thick sections, .7mm at the thin ones. And remember, Supertherm is the same material as OX platinum - super hard, super tough, great stuff. Sure, you add 100 grams or so to the frame by using these monsters, but for the right rider or bike, it's totally worth it.

These tubes are beefy enough for ENORMOUS riders doing *silly* things. They've also done a 31.8mm toptube (or a downtube for something really weird) with nice long butts and the same thickness:
BMXST-DT01 Round Main Tube 31.8 675 1.00 0.70

Anyway, most of you probably find this boring as heck, but I'm psyched. Of course, I have quite an inventory of 29er tubing to work through for "normal" riders, but it's good to know that the next super-duty frame I build can be done with one of these bad boys instead of cheap/heavy 4130.


steve garro said...

sweet, huh? it's great they are listening to small builder input. i've been using the 38.1 x 700mm and having it be 50mm longer opens lots of possibilities. the 32mm x 585 is a great TT. they also have a 29er S-bend chainstay, too......rock on, Steve Garro, Coconino Cycles.

Feldy said...

The 38.1 size sounds good. I'd think a 44.5 would be better than 34.8. Wouldn't you use the 38 x .9/.6/.9 before 34.8 x 1/.7/1??? Unless you're making a 29er DJ/street bike, FWIW, I would think a rider big enough to use a 1/.7/1 butted tube would need it larger in diameter.