Friday, May 29, 2009

Another racing post

I swear I'll post something more interesting than race reports next week. Really. Tomorrow you get another one, though, because I managed to win a free entry to the "Burn" mountain bike time trial at Buffalo Creek. I will get absolutely stomped on (the course is nice and flattish - Fuentes averaged 15mph last year!) So expect another whiny "it wasn't my course!" type of thing. You've been warned.

Wednesday night short track went pretty poorly for the team, I'd say. Ben did well in the Men's B race (5th!) and might have to upgrade soon, but otherwise:
-Sarah got stuck behind some girls who couldn't handle their bikes and had trouble getting around them (they both crashed on the final lap, so she did get them then), though I think she ended up 7th or something out of 18 racers.
-Fuentes crashed and spun his saddle sideways on the final lap, and ended up third.
-I had my worst start (and that's saying something!) ever and literally started dead last. Managed to pass a bunch of people, but still did crappy.

Redcoat had a good race, I think - went out fast and blew up a bit, but finished strong.

Perhaps I'll try to make tomorrow's race report more interesting. Or maybe I'll post a recipe (equally popular!) instead.

EDIT: Taryn got *3rd* (which I'm pretty sure is her best result ever!) in the women's B race - now we'll see how her new crazy-forward position works out next week. Nice job T!


taryn said...

Umm, I think I got third for Women's B. That was unusual.

Walt said...

Doh, sorry Taryn! Great job! That's stellar!

I'll edit the post in a moment...


Eszter said...

You should also add: And Eszter stood on the sidelines drinking beer, discovering that even though cheering is fun, racing next week may be in the cards.