Thursday, April 02, 2009

Powdercoat woes

The photo is not related to the post - this is Mike's (a friend from San Diego) sweet 4" travel 29er, with custom tweaking to keep the chainstays nice and short (well, shorter than they would be - the Ventana stock setup is about 465mm, these are 450mmm). He said he might bring it to the SD custom builder's show, so if you're there, keep an eye out.

In other news, folks who are waiting on a frame at the powdercoater (or whose frames are going there soon) - be prepared to wait a bit. The compressor that drives the blast cabinets is broken, and the work is apparently piling up pretty badly there. I would expect to be waiting at least another week for stuff that's already there, and probably 2 weeks for the frames/forks that are being delivered to them tomorrow (in fact, I may wait until Monday simply because there's no rush at my end at this point).

Just FYI. My apologies to everyone who is waiting. I know it sucks.

As an aside, while you wait, you can create an entry for the logo contest (see previous post). I've decided that the deadline for entries will be midnight of May 1st. I'll publish all of the entries on the blog here (with comments) when the contest is over.

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