Thursday, April 02, 2009

Design contest!

So I've been pondering doing a decal or graphic that would advertise the fact that I build my bikes with solar power (as in, panels on the roof kind of solar, and yes, I run all my tools and welding equipment off of them). There's just one problem - I'm the world's worst graphic designer (not to mention that my 10 year old computer isn't so hot in the graphics-software department).

So that's where you come in. I'm making this a contest - design me a graphic that tells the bike owner (and all her friends) that this sucker was built (very indirectly) with the fusion energy of the sun. Email me your idea (it's gotta be an image, not just a description) and I'll post them on the blog. Enter as many times as you want!

Entries should be relevant to Waltworks bikes, solar power, and anything about me (bagels? science fiction?) you can come up with. Funny and friendly are good, skulls and lightning bolts and general Wagnerian imagery not so much.

If your idea wins you'll get a sweet 20% off ANY Waltworks frame/fork. If there are good runner-up designs, I'll give out some consolation prizes of 10% off. Prizes are transferable, too, so if you win and you don't need/want a frame, you can sell your discount on the open market (I'll even help you do it) or give it to a friend.

Only other rule is that all entries become property of Waltworks once submitted. I won't use anything but the winning entry, but I don't want anyone getting all angry at me years from now for swiping their cool graphics idea.


right-handed thespian said...


When's the official-unofficial deadline for entries?

Walt said...

Great question. Should have thought of that. I'll edit the post. We'll say May 1st, I think. That's plenty of time.

brado1 said...

hell 2 the yeah

what email do we send the designs to?

are you posting them as you get'em or all at once after the deadline is complete?

Walt said...

Guys -

Waltworks at gmail dot com. I'll probably post them as I get them - and throw out any obvious imitation entries. But maybe it would be best to post them all at once when the contest is over to avoid any hard feelings about copying each others work.


Dave said...

very interesting... i have no art skills to speak of... but my sister and brother-in-law do, and I'll be bringing them a lot of beer on Saturday... :-)

Great idea. Here's to good luck with the search, even if I don't come up with anything.

Anonymous said...

can i flood you with a bunch of stupid ideas or just one really stoopid idea?

dirtsurfer said...

So is this logo going to replace the smiley face?

Walt said...

Guys -

The entry can either be an addition to the current graphics (ie, a decal that would go on the seat tube of the frame) or a replacement for one or both of the current head tube/downtube decals. Either option is fine. Feel free to modify the existing graphics (email me and I can send you a vector file) if you want to go that direction.


Anonymous said...

I would wait till you have them, then post the five or ten that you could actually stand using.