Friday, April 03, 2009

Random pictures of Jon K's frame.

Mostly pretty straightforward stuff, with the exception of the special custom-made (it took a WHILE on my little pansy lathe) Cannondale style head tube, for a Lefty. Annoyingly, the C'dale standard is 50mm ID (approximately) - I can easily get tubing with a 50.8mm OD - but that would leave the walls at only .4mm! So in this case I had to get some super thick 2.125" tubing and turn it down/out.

As I said, pictures are random. Enjoy, Jon!


Dave said...

Those welds are freakin' gorgeous. The HT sounds like a pain... and typical Cdale. I remember my wife's bike (still has it) used something like a 1.5-inch quill stem or something wacky. Cdale just has to be different... well, not now that *all* their stuff is going to made in Taiwan just like all the other major manufacturers.

But I digress. The welds rock. :-)

Dan O said...

No nonsense nice looking frame. Cool to see before hidden under paint.

Anonymous said...

looks completely rad! Can't wait to throw a leg over it.