Monday, March 09, 2009

New tube blocks, yeah!

My old tube clamping blocks were made from a 2x4, a process that took me about 5 minutes with a circular saw and a set of spade bits. Yes, they sucked really bad. But they worked well enough, so I used them for 5 years and probably 300 frames.

But these are way nicer. Thanks to Erik (and his frakkin awesome woodshop at UofA) for making these for me. I'm psyched!

For those who are curious, I believe they are poplar.


Ryan said...

What is it that made the old tube blocks bad, and these ones good? Is it the precision of the clamp holes, or the fact that these are hardwood, or what?

Well, I guess they look really nice :)

Feldy said...

Now you gotta get rid of your POS vise. Need to figure out a way to transfer the ninja turtle sticker, though ;-D

Walt said...

Ryan -

The old ones were pine, and they were scorched/split/dinged/destroyed. Then again, they did cost $0 and last 5 years. I'm hoping these new ones last a decade.