Saturday, March 07, 2009

Interview on Twentynineinches

The guys at interviewed Ted Wojcik and I about steel framebuilding, 29ers, and the custom bike industry recently. Worth a read if you're bored on a Sunday afternoon.

Please note that I'm *much* more handsome than I look in those pictures. The camera adds 10 pounds, you know. And in my case, it subtracts rippling muscle and a strong, clean-shaven jawline. Really.


Chewieez said...

great interview! Thanks for the heads up, I enjoyed the read!!

Boing Boing-chan said...

Dammit, you always gotta get that blasted powerbox-thing-a-majig in there don'tcha? Thank goodness it doesn't take the form of a Japanese android. I rue the day!

However, by then, when people say, "Yeah, you gotta check out that sexy new Waltworks," they won't be talking bikes.

But is she solar powered, you betcha.

Todd H. said...

How many cameras are on you then?

Dan O said...

Nice write up. Continued success to you.

I agree on the electric motorcycle deal - it will eventually peel off into its own sub-sport. Something between full on dirt motorcycles and DH/Freeride bikes. Call me Loopy.

Check out . If I had the dough (ha!), would spring for the street legal version today. Once the price comes down to the level of a nice DH bike, some people would cross over.

Bikes are still #1 for me, but being an ex dirt and street motorcycle guy, can't help but think the new wave electric stuff is cool.

In any case, I'll continue pedaling to power my two wheels as long as possible. Overall, bikes still rule for many reasons.

Keep making nice frames for us.....

Eddie said...

Most of the mountain bike trails in the US are inside city, county or state parks. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on almost all of these trails. I don't think electric mtb's will ever take hold because there will be so few places to ride them.

Dan O said...

You do have a point there. Big fear would be trail poaching galore. Bikes would be almost as quiet as a mountain bike, making it too easy invade illegal areas.

I guess on Fantasy Island, the new wave of electric dirt motorcycles would keep and possibly increase current dirt motorcycle areas.

I rode dirt motorcycles in late '70s. In that era there was tons of technically illegal - but no cared - land to ride on. I know those days are long over.

In any case, mountain bikes are way better for many reasons - as you anyone reading this blog would probably agree.

Jorah said...

Check out the pi bike:

The guys I know who make parts for it (they happen to also make pro stock drag motorcycles) claim that pi owners can casually hybrid their way to the top of Mount Tam a lot faster than fast roadies.

It's like a big two wheeled family!