Friday, May 23, 2008

A smackdown from Mother Nature

I managed a new singlespeed personal record on Flagstaff this afternoon (15:03) but I think I would have *smashed* my record if it weren't for the wind. Check it out, and guess what time I started riding up...

At one point after I'd ridden back down to Sarah, we were struggling up towards the blue barrel zone (for those of you not from Colorado, the barrels are full of sand that can be spread on the road to allow your car to make progress if it's icy - the barrels indicate a REALLY steep grade) and realized that we were only going _3 mph_. That's when we gave up and flipped it for good.

I'll be working some this weekend, as I've fallen behind where I'd like to be on bike building. Hopefully will be riding too. Enjoy your days off, y'all!

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