Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wheelz for sale

So I've had these for two years, and they're great wheels, and I've never had any trouble with them whatsoever, but I'm lusting after some new Stan's rims and something different, and I feel bad just pulling them apart to put new rims on, given that they're in perfect shape.

DT 240S 6-bolt/centerlock (rear is centerlock, front 6b) singlespeed hubset, laced up with 32 spokes per wheel, 3x, to black Velocity VXC 29er rims. 14/15g double butted (wheelsmith) spokes. Rear wheel has silver nondrive/black driveside, front is all black. Very light, very trick, work well tubeless, etc, etc. $350, plus shipping (probably about $20 if you're in the US, more elsewhere). Email me if you have a question or want a picture.

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