Tuesday, October 16, 2007

28 weeks later sucked

So I'm a big zombie movie fan. I like George Romero movies, I liked 28 Days Later a lot, and so Sarah and I went out and rented 28 Weeks Later, which is the pseudo-sequel. Mind you, I don't usually watch sequels, since they almost always suck, but 28WL got good reviews. Sheesh. That's the last time I bother to read reviews of a movie - the thing just stunk. I haven't been that disappointed since I paid $8 or something to see Pan's Labyrinth.

I could go into detail about the various gaping holes in the plot or events that make the willful suspension of disbelief impossible, but it's probably easier to just read this review instead. Sarah says "it's like a bad cross between the Paris Hilton sex video and Blair Witch". Wow.

My biggest beef with the movie had nothing to do with that stuff, though, because there are lots of horror movies that have illogical plots and bad cinematography. Many of them are pretty good anyway. But the key is to have _characters that we actually care about_. 28WL dispenses entirely with character building and just presents us with the choice of rooting for the zombies that are trying to eat people, or the zombie-like protagonists, who are (incompetently) trying not to get eaten.

Also, just for the record, a helicopter blade would get smashed to smithereens if you used it to try to mow down a bunch of people running around on the ground. Sheesh.

Bike post tomorrow, I promise.


Scott Buchanan said...

Dude, I just watched 28 days and weeks with my girlfriend yesterday for the first time. We liked the first one but we hated the second one. I just kept saying any normal government would have just killed whoever went outside the safe zone and be done with it. Stupid kids.

Kegan said...

I just watched both movies today. I absolutely loved the first one. I expected the second one to have the same characters and be just as exciting. Well, I was wrong. The second one was utterly disappointing. I'm not even sure if I understood the plot. It was pointless. I mean, it was the kids fault the whole thing started over. If they had any sense they would've stayed in the safe part of the country, instead of wander off to their old house to collect some things. To make it worse, it was a complete waste of a birthday present today.