Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Stealing some days

The days are getting short, the nights are getting cool, but we've dodged the snow bullet so far, and the trails are still dry up high. Rode a nice 3 hours in Ned this afternoon with Sarah and Rusty, just basically cruising old familiar trails, but it was great. Every ride we squeeze in feels a bit sweeter thanks to the knowledge that people were skiing 3 weeks ago last year. Farmers almanac is saying we're in for another rough winter - Erik, you ready to host us again come January?

I managed to miss the leaf season with my camera, but there are still some nice ones on the trail. I manage to bring my camera on only the most prosaic rides, it seems like. I'm not really a photographer by temperment - I always would rather let memorable scenes stick in my head until I forget, because the pictures never do them justice. I think my loyal readers would turn on me like wild dogs if I did another picture-less post, though.

The Co-op in Ned is the place to go for post-ride snacks. Try the muffins, you won't be disappointed. They also have little half-size ice cream sandwiches for 45 cents!

In other news, I am going to attempt to learn to ride BMX. I've gotten as far as building myself a 24" wheel frame and fork, and I'm waiting for a few more parts to complete it. My friend the Grinch said I'd probably break both my arms if I actually rode it at the skate park. He's probably right. More on that bike in a day or two when it's closer to being complete.

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