Thursday, October 18, 2007

Collegiate Short Track + Booze Cruise

Sarah raced her final race of the year on Saturday, when CU hosted a collegiate-only (no race for me!) short track at the Research park. It was a great race, and a good turnout (the Women's A race had 15, which is more than usually show up at the Boulder NORBA series). Long story short, Eszter won the women's race in good style on her new 29er, Sarah was third, and Jung and Yuki did well in the men's race (my camera batteries died before the start) just afterwards.
The real story, though, is that Sarah did amazingly well, considering what we'd been up to the night before - we rode from Avery to Boulder Beer to Twisted Pine to the Southern Sun, and had 2-3 beers each at each stop. Needless to say, we were wicked hung over when the 9:30 start rolled around. Of course, all I had to do was watch and take pictures. Sarah had a rougher time of it - I think she would have been a solid 2nd if not for the massive intake of alcohol. C'est la vie!
Here's a final shot of Eszter on her new WW 29er.

See, told you I'd do a bike post!

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