Wednesday, June 27, 2007

29" singlespeed/1x9 frame for sale

I built this frame and fork for a fellow who misunderstood what "offset rear end" meant on my design sheet. He and I came to an agreement, though, and there are no hard feelings. To be honest, maybe I didn't explain well enough. So here we go:

The frame has an offset rear triangle, which means that the dropouts are each offset 5mm to the driveside. The frame accepts any 135mm geared mountain bike hub, but the wheel is laced with NO DISH. This means a nice strong wheel. The downside is that you can't use a singlespeed hub unless you want to dish it to the nondrive side, and that you can't easily swap wheels from another bike. But if you have trouble messing up rear wheels and want a really strong one to run 1x9 or 3x9 (or singlespeed with some spacers and a cog on the cassette body) this is the way to go. The chainstays are slightly assymetrical as well to accomodate the offset, but it's not noticeable visually, so nobody will think you're weird. The newish Shimano 50mm chainline cranks will work perfectly with this setup, btw.

In any case, here's the scoop: $1000 buys you frame and fork, including shipping, in any color you want. I'm happy to sell you a full parts package as well.

Geometry is:
-72.5 degree head angle, 73 degree seat angle
-100mm suspension corrected
-23.9" effective toptube
-17" seat tube (center-center, 18.5" center-top)
-60mm bottom bracket drop, 43cm chainstays, clearance for 29x2.5" tire
-Paragon sliders (any configuration), s-bend chainstays, 2 sets of bottle cage bolts.
-Hose guides for rear brake, extra brazeons (cable stops, chain hanger, bottle opener, etc) available at no extra charge.
-Appropriate for riders between 160 and 200 pounds.
-100mm suspension corrected/42mm rake rigid fork included.

Questions on whether this bike would fit you or your riding style? Feel free to email me at


Monique & Benson's Great Adventures said...

Hey dude!
Great time last night. Yeah you are right I could probably just get some skinny bike racer drunk and take advantage of him. Lol. I wilh have to work on that.

Steve Z Photography said...

Damn that bike is my size. You probably want to trade for professional photos right?

Steve Z Photography said...

damn that bike is my size - you probably need some professional photos don't you